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Your Trusted Advisers for Transformation

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Trusted Coaching Professionals

We specialize in leveraging the science of business psychology to drive real-world results.


Our approach is grounded in practicality, focusing on tangible outcomes that make a meaningful impact on organizations.


With a keen understanding of human behaviour in the workplace, we help businesses navigate challenges, enhance performance, and maximize their potential. 

At GWS Partners we are always learning and growing, our expertise includes organisational psychology, systems analysis, coaching, mentoring and training.  


We often focus on Agile practices but are not limited to them, we use whatever practices suit our clients’ needs. 

We are industry-agnostic and have worked with many clients from construction to airlines, pharma/healthcare to financial, back to insurance and onto manufacturing and software.  Our client base is global including Europe, Asia and the Americas. 

Some of this sounds similar to our competitors claims, but the primary difference that GWS Partners brings is that our ultimate approach is not to take responsibility away from our clients.  We will not be there to tell you how to do your jobs – you have all of the experience there – but we will bring new knowledge and ideas that will enable the change and growth of your organisation. 

The unique selling point that GWS Partners offers is that at the end of our contract your people will have changed and will have always kept the responsibility for the change.  Critically, this means when we leave, you will continue growing not fall back to where you were. 

Download a PDF showing case studies / testimonials.

When we say your organisation will change, we really mean it.   

“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

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