As a fellow up and coming Agile Coach, I have personally benefited from the mentorship of Robert Annis. He is in a league of his own as both a top-notch Speaker and Trainer in the Agile Community and has even become a trusted and loyal friend and mentor. I have seen Robert speak at multiple venues and he always wows the crowd with his insight and leaves them begging for more. When I became the committee chair for the AgileIndy conference in 2017, Robert Annis as a keynote was an easy and obvious choice. 5 months later, and the 700 attendees still list him as one of the top highlights of the entire experience and beg for him to return. Robert is candid, humorous, and full of applicable and relevant experience to apply to his many well-thought-out and inspiring topics. Anyone who crosses his path will be blessed to know him either professionally or personally. He leaves everything better in his wake.

- Marcy Elhamidi, Director of Program Management at JobScience

I came to Roberts Agile Bootcamp class fairly skeptical of Agile. My experience with it was based on several supposedly "agile" shops that used the term to avoid planning and just code as you go. But I did suspect there must be something more to agile. The class had a wide array of people who brought very different experiences and preconceptions to the class. Robert was very skilled at noticing these differences and working through them. He built up the concepts piece by piece till, by the end, I could see the whole picture. I was able to bring it back to my company and the very next week work with one of my teams to estimate and plan a small project. They loved it. I expect to take several more classes and hope I can match schedules and classes with Robert again.

- Bill Pennock, CEO at Squaretree Software

Robert has worked with our team, as we adopted agile, for over a year now. I can't tell what a difference it made having him with us on our journey. His ability to observe, advise, and instruct us along the way was invaluable. As it stands today, we are poised for great success and we thank him for his role in achievement!

- Cilsy Harris, Vice-President at Hanover Insurance

I thought the way you went through the material made a lot of sense and even though some of the stuff in the beginning were all new concepts and a different way of thinking then what some of us are used to, the way you explained it really came across (analogies, real life examples, etc).  This is the best training I’ve attended this year, and during the 3 years I’ve been at AIG.

Thank you so much for agreeing to train this class! 

- Nina P, Project Manager at AIG

Rob's passion for and knowledge of the subject matter is very inspiring. He is a dedicated educator and able to teach about Agile methods in a way that benefits any experience level.

 - Jacob W, Manager of Web Production and Development, Brown Shoe Company

Rob conducted a 3 day onsite Agile Boot Camp training at our company, and it was extremely informative and customized to our business needs. He is a dynamic trainer and presenter; very knowledgeable on Agile and Project Management; provided many examples and case studies; included other means of learning in the forms of activities and videos; and kept myself and all my co-workers engaged from start to finish. I would definitely recommend Rob Annis and GWS for agile training and consulting.

 - Lori P, Senior IS Project Manager, Stericycle

Robert just completed conducting an Agile Boot Camp for a large cross-functional group within our eCommerce function. His knowledge of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc. was rock-solid and was able to help us "bridge the divide" between Agile and Waterfall. He also provided good real-world advice, based on his hands-on experience implementing Agile practices and managing projects using the Agile framework.

- Chris T, IT Director, Synchrony Financial