Introduction to Agile - this is often where an organization is taking it first steps with Agile.  We work with you to create a plan for the adoption process.

Team-level Training - working with project teams to ensure they have the correct personnel make-up and are well versed in beginning an Agile project.

Executive-level Training - in order to facilitate true organizational change and therefore extract the maximum benefits of Agile, senior management must also be trained in Agile.  Whilst this is of a different focus to team-level training, it is no less critical.



Continuous Training - changing an entire culture and way of working is not the work of a moment.  Following training it is imperative that the project team has access to experienced coaching as they have more technical questions and also risk straying back to old habits.

Increased productivity - Agile is not a single state that is achieved, it is a constant pursuit of higher quality and productivity.  Coaching exists to help guide teams and organizations to better their deliverables.


Typical engagement - this is generally used for teams and organizations that have specific problems or hurdles in their Agile rollout that they cannot overcome.  A consultant will visit and assess the best way forward and then provide analysis.  This is often paired with further training or coaching